Regenerative Medicine

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IV Vitamins
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
Carboxy Therapy
BHRT (Hormone Therapy)

Regenerative Medicine

Rejuvenate your skin and speed up tissue repair with our Regenerative Medicine procedure. If you are suffering with pain from sports injuries, we can help to repair damaged tissue with this non-invasive procedure, proven to be very effective.

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IV Vitamins

If you are in need of an energy boost, our broad range of Vitamin Drips may help. Intravenous vitamins are bespoke according to your particular symptoms and offer a nutritional support to help you to feel reinvigorated almost immediately.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Create more tightness in your skin and speed up the healing process with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. This therapy is becoming more popular for those who wish to address fine lines and wrinkles. During your treatment, the platelet rich plasma in your blood is extracted, concentrated and then introduced back to you to improve your skin’s appearance.

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Carboxy Therapy

If you are suffering from dark circles underneath your eyes, scarring or cellulite then you may wish to consider Carboxy Therapy – a treatment whereby we introduce carbon dioxide gas to your face or body help to increase blood flow to the affected region. This is an effective non-invasive treatment to sculpt your face or body.

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BHRT (Hormone Therapy)

Age can take its toll on your hormones, which can, as a result, have a negative impact on daily life and change in our bodies. A balanced endocrine system is key to regulating these hormones for both men and women. BHRT is a productive therapy that helps to rebalance your natural hormones.

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