Children’s Wellbeing

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Children’s Wellbeing

Here at Mews Practice, we understand that it’s your absolute priority to keep your children healthy and happy. We think of ourselves as a family-focused practice and aim to make it easy for you to get help should your children become unwell. With our Private GP, we can prioritise you when you need it, even offering same day appointments. We also offer a full range of health and wellness services to help care for your child.

Paediatric Services

We are family focused as a practice and can treat a variety of minor illnesses for children. Whether your child is suffering from a cough, temperature or rash we are available to help. We can also offer specialist paediatric blood taking, when needed.

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We can help with your children’s vaccination needs, whether this be with standard vaccination schedules, or travel vaccinations. .

Iron Infusion

We offer Iron Infusions for children over the age of fourteen. Iron infusions may be needed to help combat anaemia, a very common iron deficiency that occurs due to low levels of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

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What our customers say…

“After the iron injection, my life changed. More energy, more happy and healthy and all health issues gone.”


“Lovely care and attention from all staff. We always feel very looked after – thank you.”

“Fantastic service from making the appointment. Such friendly receptionists. Amazing doctor who listened well and was so caring.”

“Friendly and welcoming staff who make you feel at ease. Practice is very clean and modern.”

“Clean and neat clinic. Beautiful facilities and great services. Thank you!”
“Excellent service – thorough. Easy to get appointments – flexible and accommodating. All doctors lovely with the children. Thank you.”
“These are the best facilities that I have visited for my company medical. The staff and doctors are very friendly and efficient.”
“The doctor and assistant were both sympathetic and nice. Very sweet and attentive.”

“Friendly staff. Helpful and knowledgeable.”

“I had an excellent service- reception were able to get me a last minute appointment. We were welcomed in an efficient, professional manner.”

“Very good service. The Surgery is clean, the service was prompt, the Doctor was very informative and the staff were friendly and professional.”