About Us

We understand the importance of good health. Our aim is make health care as convenient and accessible as possible.

We open 7 days a week, providing early mornings, weekday evenings and weekend appointments. Our extensive availability ensures access to medical services at times that fit conveniently around your lifestyle.

We also offer a dispensing service, which allows many prescriptions to be filled on site without the need for an extra stop at a pharmacy.

Our Team

Your health matters to us. We offer a complete private service from the point of initial contact with our patient liaison team to appointment, diagnosis, treatment, referral and follow-up care. Our service is convenient, friendly and discreet. Meet the team below.

General Practitioners

simone kuter

Dr Simone Kuter

General Practitioner

Dr Kuter completed her medical degree in Australia where she grew up. Deciding to travel to the UK for a few years, she completed her General Practice training near Cambridge and in Kent.

Some number of years later she is still residing in this sunny Isle. With her husband, 3 children and a dog named Bob, she moved out of London where she worked in private general practice. Deciding to be closer to home, she started working for the Mews Practice and has found her niche. Dr Kuter is passionate about patient care and the ethos of the Mews Practice is exactly what she was looking for. Taking care of the patient – with all that entails, is at the heart of what she does.

When not taking care of her patients, she is a busy mum to 3 lively children under 12. She and her husband love a building project to keep them occupied and all the other times are filled with enjoying good food, discovering new walks through the country side and wherever possible – a good Aussie BBQ.

caterina avellin

Dr Caterina Avellini

General Practitioner

Dr Avellini completed a BSC in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry before completing her Medical degree in South Africa. She has been in the UK since immigrating in 2001. She completed her GP Vocational Training Scheme in the UK, attaining her MRCGP in 2005.

Dr Avellini has spent the last 8 years as a full-time partner in an NHS Practice where she was the Woman’s Health Lead. She has also completed the DRCOG and has completed further training through the FSRH with certification to fit and remove Intrauterine Devices. Dr Avellini loves working with children and took on a role as School Doctor for one of the local Independent schools, which she thoroughly enjoyed for the last 3 years. She still undertakes weekly NHS clinics providing General Medical Services.

Wanting more of a work-life balance and the ability to spend more time with her patients, Dr Avellini started working for the Mews Practice where the extra time afforded enabled her to manage all aspects of patients concerns. Dr Avellini in passionate about the quality of care she provides and believes in a patient centred approach.

Dr Avellini has a strong sense of family and is a mother of 2 children. She has lived in Surrey for the last 15 years. In her free time she attends the gym, enjoys walking and is working on her ‘masterchef(ish)” culinary aspirations.

anne thomas

Dr Anne Thomson

General Practitioner

Dr Anne Thomson qualified at the University of Cape Town and worked in South Africa for 5 years before moving to the UK in 1995. She completed her General Practice training in Oxford and Berinsfield and worked as a partner in a large practice in Aylesbury before moving to Surrey in 2008. She is currently a Salaried GP in Ascot as well as working for the Woking CCG and occasionally for the out of hours service.

Her main interests are paediatrics and palliative care, particularly in non cancer conditions. She has a Diploma in Paediatrics and Diploma in Anaesthetics.

She is married and has twin sons who fill her time when she is not working.

Caitlin scott

Dr Caitlin Scott

Clinical Associate

Dr Caitlin Scott is a qualified GP from Cape Town, South Africa. After graduating from The University of Cape Town she gained over four year’s experience in hospital and private general practice. This is where her passion for women’s health developed. Her experience as a doctor and a mother of two has been invaluable in understanding the demands of women and their need for good health. Since moving to the UK and working at The Iron Clinic, she has established a wealth of experience in intravenous iron therapy to patients of all ages.

She has grown her experience of women’s health promotion through running courses to help new mums navigate their own physical, emotional and social transition into motherhood. The program includes recovering physically from pregnancy and child birth, post natal depression, understanding your changed relationship with your partner and coping with returning to work. Her interest in women’s health spans all age groups and she hopes to extend her health promotion through to include understanding your menstrual cycle and menopause.

Dr Caitlin Scott currently manages inquiries into intravenous iron therapy at The Iron Clinic and forms part of the consulting team at the Harley Street clinic. She is also participating in a number of research projects looking into the symptoms of anaemia and iron deficiency.


Dr Emily Williams

General Practitioner

Dr Williams completed her medical degree at St George’s University of London.  She spent her junior doctor years at Kingston, Chichester and then Guildford for GP training.  One of these roles was working in dermatology at the Royal Surrey County hospital where she developed an interest in lesion recognition and performed minor surgery.

Dr Williams also spent 8 months working in obstetrics and gynaecology and went on to receive a diploma in this field as well as in sexual and reproductive health.

She worked with the Macmillan team providing palliative care at home for terminally ill patients, something she is very passionate about.  On a voluntary basis she also spent many years in London working in the Crisis at Christmas healthcare clinics for the homeless.

Dr Williams went on to work in NHS general practice for several years and in addition worked out of hours in a community hospital and in A+E in the urgent care centre. She continues to work in the NHS alongside her work with The Mews Practice.

Dr Williams has 3 children and enjoys swimming and running.  She can often be found on a Saturday morning at the local park run trying and failing to keep up with her 10-year-old daughter.

Specialist Practitioners

marion gluck

Dr Marion Gluck

Bio Identical Specialist

The Mews Practice works in partnership with Dr Marion Gluck. We align our procedures and practices with the leader in this field in order to provide the best possible practice for our patients.

Dr Marion Gluck trained as a doctor in Hamburg more than 30 years ago and has since gained global acclaim for her work in women’s health and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

She started working in Australia 20 years ago and began to see the need for a better understanding of hormone therapy and more widespread treatment options for women experiencing issues. Marion believed that every person should have access to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and the benefits needed to be discussed with patients and widely understood.

It became her mission to educate and empower people to take control of their hormonal well-being. Too often people ignore symptoms or fail to seek help because they simply don’t realise that anything is wrong. It was for this reason that she founded The Marion Gluck Clinic. Along with her team of highly trained doctors, she has helped thousands of women and men achieve optimum health and balance. She also set up our own compounding pharmacy, Specialist Pharmacy, where each prescription is prepared to the unique specifications of the patient. It is this personalised approach that has always put the Marion Gluck Clinic at the head of the pack and enabled her to offer the best possible care to the patients treated.

Dr Gluck has also developed a unique training course for doctors looking to offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to their patients, ensuring that more and more people have access to this treatment every day.

professor toby richards

Professor Toby Richards

Iron Specialist

The Mews Practice works in partnership with Professor Toby Richards. We align our procedures and practices with the leader in this field in order to provide the best possible practice for our patients.

Mr Toby Richards is a Professor of Surgery at University College London. He has pioneered anaemia management and intravenous iron therapy in the UK. His underlying belief is that optimising patient’s health and fitness before surgery will improve their recovery and benefit their outcomes. He has embedded clinical research and development into all areas of practice.

Prof Richards is director for the UCL centre of Cardiovascular and Interventional Research overseeing PhD students and undergraduates. He has numerous publications on anaemia management with broad reaching impact including national guidelines from the department of Health, NHS Blood and Transplant, AAGBI, British Society for Haematology. He is a regular speaker at national and international conferences to promote anaemia management and intravenous iron therapy.

Prof. Richards leads several clinical trials on intravenous iron therapy both in the UK and Australia focusing on patient welfare, fatigue and quality of life. Toby
has led research in to the impact of iron deficiency in women’s health showing benefits both in physical and mental function

We are pleased to have Prof Richards overseeing our governance and quality control; thereby ensuring we are aligning ourselves to excellent practice to provide a consistent and high level of care.

Toby is familiar with Surrey having spent his early formative years at Charterhouse. We welcome his energy and enthusiasm in supporting Surrey and the surrounding areas in this pioneering service.

tania adib

Miss Tania Adib

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


The Mews Practice works in partnership with Tania Adib. We align our procedures and practices with the leader in this field in order to provide the best possible practice for our patients.

Miss Adib is a specialist in Regenerative Gynaecology, she has extensive experience in innovative non surgical vaginal rejuvenation using radio-frequency and laser techniques. Miss Adib has recently developed her interests in the use of Stem Cell (Lipogems) use in Vulval and Vaginal rejuvenation and is the most experienced Consultant in this field in the UK. As well as providing support to The Mews Group in South East England , Miss Adib runs specialist clinics in London.

Following her graduation as a doctor from The Royal Free Hospital, Miss Adib undertook further specialist training in Gynaecology at major teaching hospitals in London including University College Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital and Queen Charlotte’s Hospital. After completing specialist Oncology training at the Royal Marsden Hospital, Miss Adib was appointed to Queen’s Hospital and St. Bartholomew’s (Bart’s) Hospital in 2010. She is the Lead Clinician for colposcopy at Queen’s Hospital and specialises in the treatment of abnormal cervical screening test results. She also runs a specialist clinic treating vulval disorders.

Through Miss Adib’s work as a trustee for the Breast Cancer Haven charity, she has become an expert at managing the menopause either with conventional hormone replacement therapy or with non-hormonal treatments, including cases of premature menopause. She is proficient in the use of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy which she is able to incorporate in her extensive repertoire. Miss Adib is fluent in English and German and can also speak basic Arabic and French. Miss Adib is an active member of professional societies to ensure her practice is current and up to date.

  • Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG)
  • British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP)
  • British Society for the Study of Vulval Disease (BSSVD)
  • British Menopause Society (BMS)
  • International Menopause Society (IMS)
  • British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (BSGE)
  • British Gynaecological Cancer Society (BGCS)
sarah wragg

Sarah Wragg

Nutritional Therapist

Sarah is a fully qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist – Functional Medicine Practitioner graduating from Middlesex University in 2009. Sarah is also a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner/coach.

Following a career in the aerospace and defence industry, Sarah’s passion and interest in good health and nutrition led her on a journey to study Nutritional Therapy (Functional Medicine). Since graduating, she has successfully worked with hundreds of clients. They range from corporate workers, to stay-at-home mums, to chronically fatigued individuals with ME, Fibromyalgia or Lyme, children to sports enthusiasts for example. She also enjoys working with the corporate world to help companies enhance the health of their employees.

Sarah keeps up to date with the latest evidence based research in science by attending conferences, this also includes training with laboratories so that she can offer clients some of the best functional tests available. She is also a member of two regulatory bodies.

Sarah lives locally and enjoys her spare time keeping fit including the gym and yoga, she also loves travelling and walking her Labrador.

Following a career in the aerospace and defence industry, Sarah’s passion and interest in good health and nutrition led her on a journey to study Nutritional Therapy (Functional Medicine). Since graduating, she has successfully worked with hundreds of clients. They range from corporate workers, to stay-at-home mums, to chronically fatigued individuals with ME, Fibromyalgia or Lyme, children to sports enthusiasts for example. She also enjoys working with the corporate world to help companies enhance the health of their employees.

ann waters

Ann Waters

Wellbeing Therapist

Ann is a Registered Nurse with a special interest in anxiety/stress management, weight management and menopause related issues. She is also a trained Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, coach and certified to Masters level in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

With over thirty years working in healthcare, Ann brings a wealth of experience to this role, both from a clinical and leadership perspective. She is a firm believer that each person has the ability to heal from within. Using the most effective modality for the client, Ann has helped many people turn their lives around in as little as 6-8 sessions. It is therefore no surprise that her advice is to get help as soon as possible, as the sooner anxieties and stresses are addressed, the sooner our health, quality of life and relationships also improve.

hannah elliot

Hannah Elliott

Psychosexual Therapist

Joining our team soon!

Hannah is a Psychosexual therapist with a background in addiction therapy. She offers an integrated approach to sex & relationship therapy from a Psychotherapeutic perspective with a special interest in Holistic Pelvic Health which allows her to address the emotional, mental and physical aspects of an individual for their ultimate well-being.

She is a registered member with the college of sex & relationship therapy (COSRT), the national college of psychotherapists (NCP) and the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

sue firth

Sue Firth

Business Psychologist

Sue Firth is a Business Psychologist, professional adviser & a leading authority on stress, resilience and well-being. She is also an author and helps CEOs and senior executives manage their work – life balance and become more resilient, from an individual and group perspective.  She is an international speaker & presenter and holds both a Batchelor of Science and a Master’s Degree.  She is a member of the British Psychological Society and The Health Professions Council. Sue regularly appears in the media & press, has an established social media following and has been a guest/expert on ITV and the BBC.

Sue aims to make a difference to the way people think and to teach them how to moderate their own habits to reduce any difficulties they have, whilst still maintaining their effectiveness. With extensive experience in consulting at strategic level for both the management of change and the implementation of stress programmes to support employees, she is well placed to offer insight to guide people. Used to professionally speaking, she regularly travels abroad as well as frequently working with medium to large corporates in the U.K. She is an expert in Leadership Resilience and Sustainable Performance as she has recognized the need to enhance a person’s attitude and approach when working in high pressure situations.

She has worked with several high-profile corporate clients including National Grid plc, Lloyds Bank, Curry’s, and Seddon Construction.  She’s also worked with Sun Microsystems, and British Aerospace in the past.

Patient Liaison Team

The Mews Patient Liaison Team are at the heart of the organisation and carry the responsibility for the day to day running of the Practice. They are on hand to answer all queries and to ensure that patients have a calm and enjoyable time with us. All our Patient Liaison Team also practice as Health Care Assistants.

sharon pickhaver

Sharon Pickhaver

Patient Liaison

Health, Safety and Premises Lead

Coming from a customer service background, Sharon ensures the Practice is run both efficiently and in a welcoming manner.

Sharon is an extremely experienced Health Care Assistant and assists the GP’s in all aspects of clinical work and carries out testing such as audiology, spirometry and ECGs. Alongside the HCA asssiting, Sharon manages all aspects of The Mews Practice’s Health and Safety policies and procedures.

victoria carnegie

Victoria Carnegie

Patient Liaison

IT Systems and Innovation Lead

Victoria has recently joined our Patient Liaison Team. She is a warm and friendly member of our team who also brings IT systems expertise. She manages all aspects of our IT systems- which is extremely important for our paperless practice.


Melissa Larney

Patient Liaison

Medical Audit Lead

Melissa will be graduating in September 2020 from University of Pavia (Italy) with a Masters Degree in Medicine and Surgery. Born in South Africa, immigrating at a young age to the UK and studying in Italy for the past 6 years has given Melissa the ability to speak three languages and have a wide perspective on people and differing cultures. During her gap year, she worked as a Care Assistant at one of Guildford’s leading care homes fuelling her desire to enter the medical profession.

She is a member of our Patient Liaison Team and assists the medical practitioners in some aspects of their clinical work.

Melissa is passionate about the importance of a patient-centred approach and providing exceptional quality of care. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, exercising, walking her Jack Russell or cooking her favourite dishes.

Operations Team

The Mews Operations Team are essential to the organisation and carry the responsibility for improving the Practice. Each member of the team focuses on specific aspects of the organisation.

alex millward

Alex Millward

Operations Manager

Alex joined The Mews Practice as part of the Patient Liaison Team. She has helped develop the partnership we now have as part of our Belgravia practice. She is often up in Belgravia representing our team there.

valentina kuliesiene

Valentina Kuliesiene

Practice Audit Lead

The Mews Practice prides itself on constant improvement. One key way we enable this is conduting audits and then implementing improvements.Valentina is instrumental in this area of the practice. She regularly produces audits which help to improve the practice. When she is not at the practice, she enjoys baking, and makes an excellent cinammon bun!

gemma wicker

Gemma Wicker

Room Compliance Lead

Gemma joined the team in 2017 and she is responsible for the immaculate presentation of The Mews Practice. As room compliance lead she not only ensures rooms are fit for purpose but are fully stocked and maintained. She is essential to our team and excellent with a label maker!

When she is not at The Mews, she works as a Reflexologist.

The Rainbow House Kenya

We are honoured supporters of ‘The Rainbow House’ charity in Kenya. Since 2007, founder Lynda Ferrin has dedicated her energy, love and passion into creating an environment and way forward for underprivileged & mistreated children. We are proud advocates for the time and care dedicated to change so many young lives.

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“Very good service. The Surgery is clean, the service was prompt, the Doctor was very informative and the staff were friendly and professional.”


“Lovely care and attention from all staff. We always feel very looked after – thank you.”


“After the iron injection, my life changed. More energy, more happy and healthy and all health issues gone.”

“These are the best facilities that I have visited for my company medical. The staff and doctors are very friendly and efficient.”
“Excellent service – thorough. Easy to get appointments – flexible and accommodating. All doctors lovely with the children. Thank you.”
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